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  • Client Spotlight: Creative Scavenger

    Client Spotlight: Creative Scavenger

    I’m a huge nature lover, so it’s been a treat to work with Dee Mahendra, founder of the Creative Scavenger series. Dee was inspired to create a scavenger hunt series after designing hunts for her own children. Designed to help children escape screens and scrolling, the Creative Scavenger packs are packed with challenges and fun…

  • Client Spotlight: Jellycat

    Client Spotlight: Jellycat

    It’s been my absolute joy to work with cult toy and gift brand Jellycat for more than ten years. That’s a lot of bunnies! I’ve worked in two different areas: Web copy I write most of the character descriptions for the Jellycat site, and have enjoyed adapting to the brand’s changing voice. If you’re wondering…

  • Client Spotlight: SciencePOD

    Client Spotlight: SciencePOD

    I have worked with international science content provider SciencePOD for five years as a copywriter, editor and proofreader. I love the collaborative element of our work, and the chance to read about the latest advances. My work involves editing popular science content produced by specialist journalists, adhering to the client’s house style. Our formats range…